February 4, 2011

2 weeks til D-Day!

Well, there are only two weeks left until our due date, and we HOPE that D-Day (delivery day) will be on or before then!!

It seems like just yesterday we were finding out that we were pregnant (shock!) and like five minutes ago that we were having a GIRL (double-shock!!). But now the time is near to bring our sweet girl into the world and have her join the family down on Old Shell.

I thought I'd share a belly pic...
and believe it or not she is running out of room! 

How can I tell, you ask? Because when she isn't sleeping, it feels as though she is going to bust through the walls of my belly.. or just plain drop out! Not that I'm complaining... being pregnant is hands down the coolest feeling ever! As much as I am looking forward to holding her in my arms (and seeing the hubs hold her in his arms), I will miss having her in my belly and therefore always right there with me. ;)

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