October 23, 2011

our lil pumpkin

Mommy and Daddy frequently refer to Hannah Grace as "pumpkin" (actually sounds more like "punkin')...  so we've especially been looking forward to this time of year. The weather's getting cooler and the pumpkins are ripe for the picking!

We started an annual tradition with a trip to the pumpkin patch at Dempsey Farms on St. Helena. We rode out to the patch in a tractor-pulled hayride by Farmer Dempsey, picked out and cut our own pumpkins, then rode back to the weigh station! Because we went at the very end of Friday, we had the whole place (and all of the wonderful people) to ourselves!! Here's the pics:

October 21, 2011

Thrust and Thrush

Both of those words were prevalent this week...she officially found her "THRUST" and really began crawling all over the place. Yep, HG is trying to keep up with the four-legged family members!  

And I can tell she's going to require a very careful watch... she's already found some tricky spots to get into!

But usually it's all fun to be crawling and it's very obvious that she's pleased with her new accomplishment because there's a big grin plastered to her face. We applaud her consistently ("yaaaay!" with clapping), and she loves it!

She stayed home one day with mom and dad perfecting her crawl due to being banned from school. Our little girl had "thrush," which is an infection in her mouth. It seems to be clearing up quickly with the medicine. All we have to do is douse a q-tip and swab her mouth every few hours. She gets a kick out of biting down on the q-tip to give us a challenge!

So that's our news for the week... thrust and thrush. Actually, it was fun playing hooky! :)

Up next...the Pumpkin Patch!

October 11, 2011

Happy 8 Months HG!

Dear Hannah Grace,

You are the most wonderful, beautifiul baby in the whole wide world. 

You may not be crawling yet  (at least not forward), you may not have any teeth, and you may not have much hair.  But Mommy and Daddy love that because you are still our baby girl.

Since we can't freeze time nor these wonderful moments of you as a baby, we are trying really hard to cherish each and every one.

You wake up so cheerful each morning to help get mommy's day started just right.  You smile so bright when daddy picks you up for your afternoon together, it just melts his heart. Playtime is the best!  We all just roll around on the floor and giggle and "chat".  Mealtime is fun too as we try new foods but always, without fail,  end the meal with your favorite...PUFFS!

Yep, it's hard to believe that 8 months ago you came into our lives.  We have never been so happy.  We have enjoyed each and every phase, yes even all those tear-filled nights and poopy diapers.

And while we look forward to everything there is yet to come, we can't help but revel in the wonderfulness of the amazing love we share today.

Love ALWAYS, Mommy and Daddy (or as you like to say, DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA!)



October 5, 2011

Lookout below!!

Well tonight quickly moved from uneventful status to just the opposite... you won't believe what HG managed to get herself into....

Her diaper!

Oh yea, did I mention is was a newly, stinky FULL diaper?!?! And that she had been playing with said FULL diaper for at least 10 whole minutes!?!

As she sat in her highchair, with her tummy full of dinner and mommy and daddy in the kitchen nearby, she buried her little hands under the highchair tray and began playing with the velcro on her diaper. How cute, we thought. She's figured out how velcro works!

And then I took a closer look.


We quickly panicked... laughed.. and then carried her with outstretched arms to the sink where the cleaning, and more disbelief and laughing, took place.

Though I wouldn't dare show you those pics (we had our hands too busy with haz-mat clean-up), here's pics from the uneventful meal earlier.  HG loves her puffs (only after veggies and fruits, of course)!!