July 28, 2011

An eery surprise

Well, maybe not eery, but definitely ear-y....

Hannah Grace was diagnosed with her first ear infection this week. :( 

What we thought was a very yucky cold with horrible chest congestion turned into much worse. She has been miserable, and we wish we could take the pain away from her.

It is very sad. That is all.

July 21, 2011

Daddy's turn...again

Hello again...you may remember (if you don't that's ok, just look back on my first post) in my last post I eluded to lessons yet to be learned...well here are a few more "lessons" that I have learned along the 5 and a half month journey.

Lesson 1-No matter how bad the crying seems in the early days, it gets MUCH worse.  Mommy and I were bathing her one night and she started to get fussy.  No big deal we thought, we'd heard her cry before and seemed to be somewhat immune to it.  WRONG.  She let out a scream that I swear broke a few of the neighbors windows.  Mommy and I looked at each other and said, "well...this is new!"  From that point on the cries have had meaning.  They now have true emotion and a little of her soul thrown in just to let us know she means business!

Lesson 2-She has learned to roll over, both ways, so laying her down for bed is no easy task anymore.  She seems to prefer to sleep on her stomach so no matter how you put her down, side, back, some combination in between...she will almost immediately roll to her stomach.  For some reason if she is not "ready for sleep" she will get mad after she rolls over.  I try to tell her SHE is the one who got that way...but she doesn't want to hear that.

Lesson 3-Probably the most important lesson I've learned so far...she is just so darn ADORABLE!!!!!  Everyday she changes just a little, maybe only mommy and I can see it, but it's there.  She's starting to really recognize people and things and even reaches for things now.  She loves the doggies and laughs when they come near.  OH yeah she's trying out a new laugh.  At first we thought it was a cough and even had daycare keep an eye out for it, but after I picked her up and was on the way home I started to realize maybe it wasn't a cough after all.  I came home and did a little experiment and sure enough it's a laugh...or her version of one.  (I will try to get a video of it in the next day or so).

Well I've probably already gone over my word limit (self imposed so you don't get bored and nod off) so I will just complete it with a few recent pictures ...(since you and I both know that's what you really want to see *wink*). Check out these funny faces!

July 11, 2011

Guest post by... HG??

From the desk crib of Hannah Grace:

Today I am exactly five months old... we sure have been busy and boy am I tired!

As you can see by my parents' gazillion other posts, I've been changing, growing, and learning a lot! I thought I'd share a couple of other adventures with you as we celebrate my 5 month birthday!

A couple weeks ago, I got to take a trip on the TWS, which is my dad's boat Time Well Spent. It was a lot of fun, and I wore the cutest bathing suit!

 I also had some of my friends over for a party!

And let me clear the air... I may not have liked green beans the first night, but I came around. Now I even like carrots too. That's right, I now eat peas, green beans, carrots, and oatmeal!! Maybe I won't grow up picky like my parents... here's hoping!

 I especially like how messy all these new foods are.... mom says not to play with my food, but it's hard to resist! Yummy!

Oh, and have they even mentioned my new floor skills? I'm practicing for gymnastics with my new rolls, scoots, and mom and dad's favorite, the leg extension!

I can move so fast there's just a blur!

Phew! All this typing has worn me out again, so I think I'll go take a nap with daddy. 

Life is good down on Old Shell!

July 5, 2011

First 4th and other fun!

Okay, I'll admit it. We slept through the fireworks. They were shooting off for half an hour just a few hundred yards away, and we slept through right through them. 

We figured that being out late, in the dark, subject to mosquitoes and around very loud "bangs!" wasn't exactly good for a little baby, so we had a very active day visiting with family and going for a boat ride (just mommy and daddy... what a treat!)... and then we hit the hay early to rest up for the week! :)
HG 's red,white, and blue outfit... "America's Sweetheart" for sure!

In other news... we like to eat peas!! 
Correction: We LOVE to eat peas!! HG had her first bite of food at 4 1/2 months old on June 29th, and has eaten them every night since.

But as much as she likes peas... she does not share the same sentiment for green beans. It's true, a picture's worth a thousand words... or in this case, just one: YUCK!

And in addition to practicing her eating, HG is practicing to stand and walk in her new exersaucer. Happy baby loves to bounce, twist, and play!