February 17, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub... HG in the tub!!

Here's a quick update on how our nights are going before we share "first bath at home moments."

Since my last post, we have had wonderful improvements in our nightly routine. [Commence bragging] In fact, last night we nursed at 10 PM, got 4 hours of sleep, nursed at 2 AM, got four hours of sleep, nursed at 6 AM, got 3 hours of sleep.... and started our day all refreshed and happy at 9 AM. How amazing is that?!?! Thanks to all of you who offered words of wisdom (or at least sympathy) as we tackled this parenting hurdle!!

Now, to bath time.... which was also a success because HG got all cleaned up and had the "fresh, new baby smell." Needless to say, she had to endure a lot of sniffs and kisses from mommy and daddy! I wish we could say that HG enjoyed the process as much as we enjoyed the results, but she was less than impressed with being naked in the tub and covered in water. [Cue the disgruntled face]

Mommy giving the initial rinse.

Daddy giving a scrub-a-dub-dub.

Rinsing her shiny brown (with a reddish tint?) hair under the faucet.

Mommy promising it's all over with ('til next time).

A quick manicure started the calm down process...

...And getting her hair brushed wasn't half bad.

HG all pretty and clean with her valentine outfit from GranDo!

Keep following and feel free to add comments... Do you have a question for us? Is there anything in particular you'd like for me to blog about? Eventually, I'd like to cover a broader range of topics, but HG is currently a very consuming subject! :)

Coming up next... HG turns 1 (week)!

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