April 20, 2011

Diaper Surprise!

Our new schedule consists of mommy staying home with Hannah Grace on M/W/F and daddy staying home with her on T/Th... which we love!! Daddy especially is enjoying this time to bond with HG one-on-one, and he is learning quite a bit.

When mommy came home from a long day of work yesterday, daddy had a funny look on his face and very seriously asked...
"Did you know that she now goes #2 without making any noise??"
Haha!! Seems that daddy smelled something a little funky, and was surprised to find a very (silently) filled diaper! :)

Other random milestones:
1. We experimented with formula feeding, and she didn't mind it wasn't mommy's milk.
2. HG sits up (strapped in) in her stroller for walks now, so she can really see the sights!
3. Scooting around in the crib, which freaked us out at first, occurs nightly. She does not end up where she started!
4. HG is noticing her hands... and they often end up in her increasingly drooly mouth.
5. It's time to ditch the newborn insert of the car seat!

We are looking forward to hitting the 10 week mark on Friday and Easter on Sunday! HG will say good-bye to single digit weeks and get her first visit from the easter bunny!
This is how I found her in the crib during her morning nap... one sock on, one sock off

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