May 6, 2011

Outtakes.. the unglamorous side...

As my first Mother's Day approaches (yay!), I reflect on ALL that being a mother is... not only the cute, smiley, fun stuff.. but the yucky, hard, tiring part too. Nope, it's not a glamorous job, but like I've said before, I've never done anything nearly as rewarding as being a mother. Even those nights when I was so tired and cranky that I thought, this is it, I can't take it anymore... the page would turn, the sun would rise, and a fresh new day and chapter would begin. 

Nothing will ever make my heart melt more than seeing HG so happy and healthy. I love the way she looks at me lovingly when I change her diaper or greet her in the morning... there are no words to describe how I feel when that toothless grin shines bright in my direction.

But, realizing it's not all smiles and happy moments, I should probably document that here as well. Here are what we call "outtakes".. also known as the pictures you don't usually show-off, but we fondly remember all memories with our HG! :) It takes at least 10 pictures for every 1 that's perfect... here's what those "other pictures" look like....

Day 2 of life.. very mad during newborn pics.

Who knew a manicure could be so horrible!?!

Crazy eyes!

Not the pouty lip!

This is what we call a "blow out"

"Um.. hello?!?! I can't sit up yet!!"

Up to something mischievous for sure!

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