July 5, 2011

First 4th and other fun!

Okay, I'll admit it. We slept through the fireworks. They were shooting off for half an hour just a few hundred yards away, and we slept through right through them. 

We figured that being out late, in the dark, subject to mosquitoes and around very loud "bangs!" wasn't exactly good for a little baby, so we had a very active day visiting with family and going for a boat ride (just mommy and daddy... what a treat!)... and then we hit the hay early to rest up for the week! :)
HG 's red,white, and blue outfit... "America's Sweetheart" for sure!

In other news... we like to eat peas!! 
Correction: We LOVE to eat peas!! HG had her first bite of food at 4 1/2 months old on June 29th, and has eaten them every night since.

But as much as she likes peas... she does not share the same sentiment for green beans. It's true, a picture's worth a thousand words... or in this case, just one: YUCK!

And in addition to practicing her eating, HG is practicing to stand and walk in her new exersaucer. Happy baby loves to bounce, twist, and play!

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