August 7, 2011

Back to life

HG has made it through her first illness, and hopefully when we see the doctor in a few days for her sixth month check-up, he'll also give a passing grade on HG's ear infection recovery. She handled the antibiotics very well, and after some trying nights, has finally gone back to sleeping through the night again.

Did you notice I just flew by that "6-month mark" mention? Well, in all honesty, I can't even believe Hannah Grace will be half of a year old this week. Where does the time go? Our little baby girl is growing up right in front of our eyes!!

Her latest trick... [brace yourself]... is sucking on her big toe. Nope, no typo there... it's true. Of course I have a picture to prove it!
This picture will be added to the "ways to embarrass HG when she's a teenager" file :)

She has also become very aware and fond of the dogs. Riley (the Bassett) wants to lick her a lot, which we try to limit, but Meesha (the Lab) is still not too sure about this little human that has taken over the house.   Whenever they walk by her, she reaches out and yells baby gibberish, which they obviously do not understand. If they don't pay her attention she gets upset... it's the cutest!! 

All in all, we're just enjoying all of life's little moments with our sweet girl!! She'll be teething, sitting up, and [hopefully] saying "mama" and "dada" before too much longer!
Hello blue eyes!

Watching shark week with daddy

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