October 5, 2011

Lookout below!!

Well tonight quickly moved from uneventful status to just the opposite... you won't believe what HG managed to get herself into....

Her diaper!

Oh yea, did I mention is was a newly, stinky FULL diaper?!?! And that she had been playing with said FULL diaper for at least 10 whole minutes!?!

As she sat in her highchair, with her tummy full of dinner and mommy and daddy in the kitchen nearby, she buried her little hands under the highchair tray and began playing with the velcro on her diaper. How cute, we thought. She's figured out how velcro works!

And then I took a closer look.


We quickly panicked... laughed.. and then carried her with outstretched arms to the sink where the cleaning, and more disbelief and laughing, took place.

Though I wouldn't dare show you those pics (we had our hands too busy with haz-mat clean-up), here's pics from the uneventful meal earlier.  HG loves her puffs (only after veggies and fruits, of course)!!

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