February 15, 2012

HG's First Birthday!

The story here is short and sweet - HG celebrated her first birthday in the same room where mommy put on her wedding dress. :) 

She was surrounded by over 40 friends and family members... it couldn't have been a more fun party! Thanks to all who all who helped make it so special. Now, without further ado... PICTURES!
The beautiful one year old in her special birthday dress

Helping mommy decorate her high chair

pb&j lunch with goldfish and animal crackers

She sees the cake coming....

why is everyone staring at me and singing???

totally freaked out from the singing of the birthday song

the birthday girl was quite upset by the end of the song

but once she realized the cake was hers to play with....

...and that she could even eat it...

...she really started having fun!

a quick intermission to wash off the cake

then it's time for presents!

all the presents were wonderful...

...but she especially loved all the tissue paper

Happy Birthday to our sweet Hannah Grace!!

Want to see pictures of all of her friends that came to the party? Well, I'll tackle uploading pictures of all those cuties in the next post.

Oh, and did I mention, she started walking today?? :) There's no rest for the weary... the change keeps coming. Mommy and daddy are so proud of her!! Videos coming soon...

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