February 5, 2012

A Bath Tale

As most of you know, we made full use of the little pink, "sink" tub for bathing HG... her first bath at home is seen in this post last February.

While it may not be evident in that picture, HG came to love her little, pink tub, and we enjoyed our nightly ritual of sink baths for many many months. Here she is at 6 months... having a grand ole time!

Then she started really getting big... and mommy and daddy thought it was time to transition out of the little tub into the big tub (in her official bathroom upstairs). So in her 8th month, we made the move, and to make it a smooth transition, we bought a bright yellow, blow-up duck to place in the big tub. We thought it would make the big tub less intimidating for HG. 
Boy were we wrong! That duck scared the crap out of her. One look at it and she screamed. Try to lean forward to put her in it and she clung to you like you were standing on the edge of a cliff. Yes, the little duck bath may look cute..... 

....but in our house, it was the devil.

So we resorted back to the sink bath for a little while before deciding to just go for it! By 9 months, we started putting HG on a towel in the big bath tub. The first few times were rocky, but after a solid week, she came to love the big tub just as much as the little one. AND now she gets to have a lot more toys and splish-splashing... which is her favorite!!  WE LOVE BATH TIME!! (HG is 9 months in these pictures)

Just for nostalgia's sake, we still used the little pink sink tub a couple more times (it's great for baking soda baths to cure yucky diaper rash). And now that she's getting more hair, we've enjoyed making it stick straight up during baths too! (HG is 10 months in these pictures)

That's our bath tale!

Now, are you wondering if she likes turkey? I'll let you know how her first bite of turkey... and her first Thanksgiving, went in the next post!

Only 6 days left until her first birthday!! :)

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