June 9, 2011

Call it a collage!

I'm going to be very honest with you.... I'm too tired to come up with a new post. 
There... I said it. 
However, I happen to have some recent pictures that are too cute not to share.

What's with my lack of creativity, you ask? Well, I've been going solo all week while daddy's out of town. We miss his love, companionship, and help!! Remember when I had "twins for a day?" Well, now I can add "single mom for a week" to that list. 

I'm exhausted. But enough about me... let's get to the cuteness!
This is her serious look....

And moments later.... naptime! It's good to be a baby!
Hello blue eyes!

Cruisin' around town with mom and dad.

She's so fab-u-lous!

In other news... 4-month check up tomorrow [totally cool] and another round of vaccinations [not cool at all], but once we make it through that we are on the homestretch to daddy's return. Yipee! I'll put her new weight/height stats up soon, so be on the lookout... 

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