June 27, 2011

In honor of Dad

Somehow, the last 18 days have slipped by without a single blog post. As you know I'm usually able to hit the pause button every few days to make a post, but lately we've just been moving in what seems like fast forward.

HG has had her four-month check-up and shots... her first giggles... her first boat ride... her first cold, followed by her first 24-hour "bug"... and she eats cereal twice a day... talks, yells, and screams to test her newfound vocal chords... rides in the jogging stroller... jumps and plays in the exersaucer.... and have I even mentioned spending the very first Father's Day with the most amazing Dad?!?!

Yes, that's all been in the past couple weeks, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something!

Alas, we've made it past the "bug" (a moany, groany bellyache that also included a very scary turning-purple-from-choking session) but we're still fighting that yucky congestion. However, life must go on and we must tell you all about how we recently honored  the man that makes us so incredibly happy... the man who makes us feel like the luckiest girls on earth! DAD!

Because he is so loving, so patient, so dependable, and so hard-working, here's a pictoral description of how we honored the daddy in our house on his very first Father's Day!
#1 Dad card from Hannah Grace first thing in the morning

And of course she got him a World's Best Dad t-shirt!!

Picnic lunch in Oglethorpe Park, Savannah

HG's onesie says I <3 Dad... just trust me on that one...
Our day in Savannah was sooooo much fun! We went to Bass Pro, had a picnic downtown, then enjoyed the shops on Broughton Street. We can't wait to do it again soon... Savannah's the coolest... the perfect way to spend a day with the world's best DAD!

[My vacation from blogging is officially over so check back soon... there are soooo many new pictures and stories!]

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