September 27, 2011

Almost Crawlin'

Well, HG is testing the waters of a life on the move... she's scooting around (often in circles), moving from sit-up position to all fours, and even rocking back and forth on all fours. Crawling is right around the corner.

We aren't ready.

Not only is the house not baby-proof yet, but Mommy and Daddy will miss that sweet little girl being so predictable in location (you know, always staying where we put her).

She's changed so much... in  looks and the way she babbles (actually, yells), plays with such curiosity, and eats almost anything (mmmmm... pureed meat).... and this is another change to add to the list, a big one. It's overwhelming how fast she is growing and how smart she is. I mean, 7.5 months ago she was drinking amniotic fluid in my belly. I know that's gross, but it makes a good point.

None the less, here's HG working on her crawling skills. She'll be all over the place in no time at all!

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