March 3, 2011

It's already March??

The wonderfully anticipated month of February has passed, and as we welcome March (and hopefully warmer weather), we look forward to all of the activities we want to do with Hannah Grace as she gets bigger and stronger (and, of course, cuter!).
Wide awake!
Sound asleep!

At our last doctor visit, Dr. Floyd told us she may start being a little more dramatic in the third week.. boy was he right! We are witnessing some pretty funny grunting sessions and face contorting. I'm determined to capture such moments on video... it's almost as though she is getting uncomfortable in her newborn skin and trying to squirm and stretch her way into growing. Her favorite position is to be held up close near the chest. She is almost always comforted in that position, and it's how she falls asleep the easiest. 

A couple more updates:
-We are at war with the belly button! It still has not revealed itself!
-"Play"dates have begun, and they are so fun! 

First, we met Mason, who is 3 months old. He was a handsome fellow and he made HG look very tiny!

Then we met Grayson, who is only 9 days younger than HG! In this case, HG was the chubby one! :) 

Looking forward to all of the new adventures around the corner!!

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