March 11, 2011

One Month--how time flies!!

Time flies when you are having fun have a newborn! HG has quickly reached the 4 week mark, and as I write this I notice it's almost the exact minute she so flamboyantly entered this world [holding back the tears].

I'd say we've all learned a lot.. her as a baby, J as a father, me as a mother... and J and me as husband and wife with child. There are so many different dynamics, but since I can only speak for myself, I thought I'd focus on what I've learned in the past four weeks. Maybe this post will be valuable to a mom-to-be! :)

Top 10 things I've learned:

1. Read up on and learn about c-sections before labor, even if you think there isn't a snowball's chance in hell that you'd have one.
2. Swaddling is important to know for the first weeks. Learn and practice pre-baby.
3. Breastfeeding is a huge commitment made a little easier with fabulous inventions like the boppy and nipple shield. Have them both at the hospital with you. 
4. Try out different brands of medication to see which is best for your baby. Two must-haves: diaper rash cream and gas drops (Desitin and Little Tummy's work best for HG).
5. Sleep when the baby sleeps. (I am horrible at practicing what I preach in this case.)
6. Focus on you and the baby (and the hubs) first and foremost, and don't feel guilty about it for a second.
7. The baby is the new head honcho at home. The baby's schedule (or lack thereof) is now your schedule.
8. If anyone asks you if there's anything you need... just say one word: diapers.
9. Be nice to your husband, odds are he's going through the same emotions... Husbands, be extra nice to your wife. Small offers to help and even smaller tokens of love/appreciation go a really, really, really long way.
10. Learn to breathe. A couple deep breaths will get you through almost anything.

No matter to what extent you practice, read, listen, and prepare yourself... it's going to be more of a challenge than you imagined, and just knowing that may lessen the blow. You are also going to be more in love with this tiny little human than you can possibly imagine... and that's the best part to not be prepared for.  :)

To that end, here are pictures of HG at four weeks old! 

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