March 18, 2011

Kiss me, I'm cute!

I hope everyone wore green and enjoyed their St. Patty's Day.... It was a very busy and very fun day for us. HG sported two different green outfits (one for each outing) because I couldn't have her getting pinched (too cruel of a "stay awake tactic").

First we had a play date with Grayson. We strolled around his neighborhood and even took some great pics with just HG and mommy. (Grayson's mom and I recently realized that we are so busy taking pictures of our babies that we have no pictures with our babies!)
HG and Mommy

GH and HG!
She was captivated by him!

Then we headed to a birthday gathering, officially making HG's first dinner outing. We celebrated the time with friends, JT's birthday and our first St. Pat's all in one... and, of course, in an adorable outfit! She was great at the restaurant... alert and entertaining for half of the time, then slept for the other half to give mom and dad some free time. :)
Kiss me, I'm Irish CUTE!
Dear HG, you are mommy and daddy's lucky charm!

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