March 7, 2011

Week 4: Lots of Good News!

Hear ye! Hear ye! 
At exactly 3 weeks and 1 day, Hannah Grace finally lost her belly button "cap!!" I'm still not sure on the inney/outey status... looks like it will need some time to heal.

In other news, I shamefully admit that we attempted an old parenting trick to get HG to sleep Sunday night... we went for a car ride at 10:00 pm (and, yes, the hubs was even in his robe). Did it work, you ask? Of course not... that would have been too easy. However, the night improved greatly once HG finally decided to go to sleep (circa midnight). 
She spent her first night in her crib! 

Sayonara bassinett! Hello crib and monitors and peaceful sleep for all parties... for 4 hours!!! :) Yes, I did get up to check on her twice (it was too good to be true), but each time I was pleased to find a baby off in dream land. Then after her 4:00 am feeding, she...[I almost can't believe I'm saying this].. went back into the crib!! Then one more feeding at 7:30 am, and  she slept soundly until 9:30 am... in the crib! Best Monday ever. Thank you, Hannah Grace; you've made Mommy and Daddy very happy!!

I did not take pictures in the crib for fear of waking.. but here's some pictures taken on her 3 week birthday.

Coming up... book reviews, projects we're working on around the house, and what I've learned after being a parent for a whole month! 
Stay tuned....

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