March 9, 2011

Meet the Byrnes--Support MoD!

One of the wonderful side effects of meeting and getting to know my amazing husband was meeting and getting to know all of his wonderful friends... who I am lucky enough to now call my friends too! When I met the Byrnes [DB and BB], BB was pregnant with TRIPLETS. I was impressed then, but now that I have one child, I am literally in awe of their ability to raise three children at one time! The triplets are now 2 years old, and have quite a story to tell. DB and BB keep a great blog that you should check out: Byrne Family...of five!

Most recently, they've become Ambassadors for this year's local March of Dimes walk and fundraiser. Click the link to see their blog with a video on YouTube about the Byrnes' incredible journey after the triplets were born 11 weeks early. Disclaimer: it's a tear jerker!
Along with the Byrnes, I invite you to participate by donating and/or walking on April 16th from the Naval Heritage Park in Port Royal. I am excited that this year I'll have HG accompanying me in her stroller!! We are so fortunate to have a healthy baby who was full-term, but not everyone is. March of Dimes is a big part of why premature babies have a fighting chance, just like the beautiful Byrnes babies!!
Please come walk with us on April 16th in support of our HG, the Byrnes, and all precious babies!!

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