March 15, 2011

Operation Bright Eyes

My mission, should I choose to accept it (of course I do!), is to keep our little munchkin AWAKE during each and every day. This mission will be complete when her days and nights are consistently NOT mixed up... resulting in (dare I say) a routine!! :)

This is not as easy of a mission as it sounds. HG is a really good, hard sleeper (..."She get it from her mama"..?) and keeping her awake has required many new tricks up my sleeve such as a change of activity/scenery about every half hour, undressing her while she's nursing and even allowing a lick from Riley every now and then... just to name a few. 
As soon as I see those bright eyes getting heavy, I call out her name, so she's really showing signs of recognition to "Hannah Grace"! She's also growing some pretty eyelashes and eyebrows right now, and her little fingernails are growing like crazy! Her eyes are still a grey/blue color, and her hair seems to be a little wavy (come on ringlets!). She's officially out of the newborn size of diapers, and I think the newborn sized clothes will quickly follow suit. 

We've also started carrying her around in the very awesome Baby Bjorn carrier... she loves it! In fact we had our first full family outing (dogs and all) at the waterfront park this past Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather. Here's daddy carrying around HG:
Other news on the home front.. we're growing strawberries! This will give me a chance to try my hand at growing something edible and I watch the progress daily. Though I'm not a great gardener, I always aspire to be, and it's a hobby I'd like to one day share with HG, so I need to practice!

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